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Music of the Week: Maroon 5 and Charlie Boy Mix

Listening to music on Pandora this week because I couldn’t decide on exactly what I wanted this week besides hip-hop and R&B.  I love using Pandora for music. (I also use Grooveshark and love it as well.)  Best part about Pandora is that you find new music in the same genre that you like and sometimes you even rediscover artists you have forgotten about, which has happened to me many a time.

Decided on Charlie Boy’s “I look Good” as my station base yesterday, then on my way to work this morning, listened to Maroon 5 and decided that would be my R&B fix.  While not exactly the soulful beats of Mary J Blige, Maroon 5 really puts R&B into a new kind of timber.

I like the tones in Maroon 5. It is soulful and has awesome beats. “I Look Good” is one of my favorite rap songs right now. It is simple and not very complex musically, but the beats and words just work well together.  And I like the theme (if you can call it that) of the song, it’s my anthem for when I’m going out to the clubs! 🙂


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What makes people like certain types of music?  I love all types of music and the spectrum may boggle some. I love rap and hip-hop. I also love classical.  One second I could literally be listening to Bruckner and then switch it up with Outkast…and then maybe some Queen.

Are there similarities? I think so. I like odd beats. Not necessarily odd time signatures (although I do like them like 7/8 or 8/8 split up 3+3+2), but off-beats and syncopation.  That’s what turns me to certain music types. I also love good harmonies on top of a beautiful melody. I hear the harmonies better even when the melody is technically louder. 

Currently, I’m listening to Bruno Mars, Mika, and Eric Hutchinson.  The mix of their music is just right for me: soulful, fast, and harmonious.

What are you listening to this week? Or today? Next week, my mood will change and I’ll fill you in on what I’m listening to.

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